Using Layers

This plugin provides users with the capability to work with transparent layers, which are images that inherently possess transparency. Understanding how to leverage these layers enhances the creative potential of your projects.

Uploading Transparent Layers

Layers in this context refer to images that come pre-equipped with transparency. Users can upload these transparent layers directly into the plugin.

It’s crucial to note that the layers should be of the same size as the main image to ensure proper display and to avoid scaling.

Random Selection of Layers

Upon uploading multiple transparent layers, the plugin offers the functionality of randomly selecting one layer. This feature adds an element of spontaneity to the design process.

Layer Composition (Back & Front)

Back Layer

  • The Back layer is positioned behind any text or other elements within the composition.
  • It acts as a foundational background, contributing to the overall depth of the design.

Front Layer

  • The Front layer is positioned above text or other elements.
  • It enables users to overlay additional visual elements, enhancing the foreground of the composition.

Creating Impactful Designs

To produce visually striking and impactful designs, users are encouraged to take advantage of the transparency inherent in these layers. Adjusting transparency settings allows for seamless integration of layered elements, providing a versatile and creative canvas.

By working with transparent layers, users can elevate the sophistication and aesthetic appeal of their design projects.