Step 1: Enable AUTOMATIC1111 Option

Enable AUTOMATIC1111 Option

First, access the plugin settings by navigating to the Wordpress admin panel. In the settings section of the Auto Featured Image Pro plugin, select the "Advanced" tab. Then, check the box labeled "Enable AUTOMATIC1111 Stable Diffusion Source" and save the changes to enable AUTOMATIC1111 settings.

Step 2: Configure the Server URL

Configure the Server URL

After saving, a new setting called "URL Server" will appear. Enter the URL of the server where AUTOMATIC1111 is installed. This URL is the address where your server runs the Stable Diffusion API. Save the changes again to enable the remaining options. The entered URL will be used to connect to AUTOMATIC1111 and list the Models, VAEs, styles, etc.

Step 3: Configure Advanced Options


Once the changes are saved, the following options will be enabled: Model, VAE, Style, Image Steps, and Sampler. The Model option provides a list of models available on the AUTOMATIC1111 server. The VAE option lists available variational autoencoders that improve image quality. The Style option offers various artistic styles applicable to the generated images. The Image Steps option determines the number of iterations required to create the image, with more steps potentially resulting in higher quality. The Sampler option specifies the method used for generating and refining the image. After configuring these advanced options, save the changes again.

Step 4: Select Image Source

Image Source

Next, go to the "Image" tab in the plugin settings. In the "Image Source" option, select "AUTOMATIC1111".

Preview the Featured Image

You can now use the "PREVIEW" option to see how the featured image for a post will look before finalizing it.

By following these steps, you have successfully configured the Auto Featured Image Pro plugin to use the Stable Diffusion API with AUTOMATIC1111. Now, you can automatically generate featured images for your Wordpress posts. If you have any questions, feel free to check the plugin documentation or contact technical support.

Thank you for using Auto Featured Image Pro!